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mobotix_logoThe world of security is undergoing a quiet revolution.

The traditional role of a video camera system is to record the same scene, hour after hour, in case something interesting happens. Analogue cameras typically send footage to a central computer, which processes and records the images. The more cameras you have, the more processing power you need. Once stored, the most you’ll ever get from your security camera is a grainy, low resolution video recording.

With high resolution digital cameras from market leader Mobotix, everything has changed. Each Mobotix digital camera processes its footage in camera, so there’s no need for a hefty central PC. In fact, data can be sent straight to a network storage device (NAS). Each camera can also store images on an SD card, so your cameras still work if the central storage goes offline.

But that’s just the beginning. Mobotix cameras can be configured with multiple lenses, for wide and tight shots, or day and night shots, all within the one camera unit. Far beyond being a grainy video clip used just for security, the data from a Mobotix camera can be analysed and used to a variety of purposes.


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