Mobile Device Management

The integration of mobile devices (including iPads) into your network infrastructure is a new and growing challenge. By installing and configuring a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, we can help you manage your organisation’s fleet of mobile devices, as well as those that your users bring from home.

Fleet Management

A well configured MDM can update and maintain your entire fleet of mobile devices by delivering software and settings over the air, via your wireless network or across the internet.

Device settings can be locked or regularly refreshed, and proxy or VPN settings can be configured and deployed so that your users can get the most from their device without having to follow complex setup procedures.

If a device is lost or stolen it can be disabled, rendering it useless to anyone else.

User-owned Devices

Almost everyone who passes through the front door of your organisation will have one or more mobile devices. By extending your MDM to include those devices, you can govern who connects to your network, and under what conditions. Users can also choose to adopt other settings and configurations to make their privately owned devices more useful in the workplace.

Managed Applications

We can help you sign up for the newly released Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and deploy purchased apps to your devices. This enables your organisation to purchase apps in bulk and deploy them to users’ privately owned devices, while retaining the ability to revoke licenses and uninstall applications.

The ability to manage mobile devices is advancing steadily. Talk to us about how we can make your mobile device fleet more manageable.

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