Managed Operating Environment

While technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, some things seem to remain constant: Anything that can be tinkered with can be broken, and anything new and unfamiliar is an obstacle to getting things done.
Studytech’s Managed Operating Environment (Studytech MOE) addresses these issues and more, to deliver a solid, reliable platform for your users.
For almost two decades we’ve been providing the Studytech MOE to small and large schools, businesses and training institutions.

Familiar Interface

By defining the user interface and locking key elements in place, the Studytech MOE provides a consistent user experience over time. Every day, on every computer on your network, users can find apps in the same place, and can be confident that their files are right where they left them, regardless of which computer they log on to. Documents, mail settings, internet bookmarks and history follow users as they move around the network, so every computer is instantly familiar when a user logs on.

For businesses, this means staff can concentrate on getting their work done.  For teachers in schools, this means that they can confidently instruct their students, knowing that every student can follow the same instructions, with the same results.

With a familiar user interface and no surprises, users spend more time being productive, and less time grappling with technology.

Just Enough Control

The Studytech MOE limits access to settings and control panels, so users can adjust and access the things they need, without being distracted by the things they don’t. By limiting access, we also make sure that one user can’t change a setting that will affect the next. The settings that users can change are personal, and will follow them around as they log on to different computers.

Secure access for users and groups

Studytech MOE allows you to work securely in teams. While every user receives their own secure space, team-leaders or teachers can also be granted access to the files of their staff or students. Shared folders can be set up for teams, to the exclusion of others. And all of this can be tailored to suit your organisation and its needs.

Flexible Architecture

Studytech has deployed its MOE in a broad range of markets and industries in multiple regions including Australasia, Asia and Africa. We can support your unique software and hardware requirements, and make sure that you’re getting the best from your technology investment.


The Studytech MOE uses our Remote Management tools to keep your system patched and up to date. New software is delivered and maintained over the internet, and end users cannot install or uninstall applications themselves.

We work on the principle that if an application is useful for one user, it’s almost certainly useful for others, and it deserves to be deployed as widely as possible. We test every app for functionality and compatibility. If a free app will do the job we’ll use it, but we won’t use trial versions or anything that nags your users to upgrade to the “Pro” version. If need or cost dictate that an application should only be installed on one computer, we still take the same rigorous¬† approach to make sure it works as expected.

If you have niche and industry-specific software, we’ll work with the vendors to understand how the applications work, and how they interact with your network.

Hardware and Networking

The focus that we bring to user experience and software also extends to your computer hardware purchases.

We’ll help you establish a list preferred devices – desktops, laptops, printers, network switches etc – so that as your needs grow and change, the new equipment you add is consistent and compatible with what you already have.


Studytech can build a Managed Operating Environment for Windows, Mac OS X, or a combination of both, allowing your users to transition seamlessly from one to the other. Our system also integrates with Mobile Device Management systems to support mobile devices.

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