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Studytech Online is a powerful online portal to oversee your entire technology fleet. Designed to serve your entire user base, and to fit within your existing team and management structure, Studytech Online gives you the ability to manage, track and update the status of your technology requirements quickly and easily.

Requests for Assistance

Studytech Online includes a comprehensive request management system which allows users to report issues as they arise. Requests can be reported against specific assets or user accounts, and can be assigned to different users or teams for action. All actions and correspondence related to the request are logged, providing accountability and complete work history information.

Asset Management

Studytech Online also includes an asset management system. Our automated tools can keep many items in your technology asset register up to date, plus you can add other assets manually. Keeping track of serial numbers, specifications, warranty and locations is made easy with Studytech Online.

Other Features

We’ve built a range of features and services into Studytech Online to help you better manage your technology resources. Knowledgebase articles, How-To Guides, user account management and automation tools are all included in this comprehensive suite.

For more information about StudyTech Online, or for a demonstration, give us a call.

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