Internet Telephony

Studytech specialises in Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems with the full range of features you’d expect from any enterprise-grade phone system.

Advanced Menu Systems

Incoming calls can be directed to any any department or single handset within your organisation based on an intuitive menu system. Based on your requirements, we’ll build up a menu that’s easy for your customers to navigate, so they can quickly speak to the right person.

Call Monitoring

For your own peace of mind, our system can record your calls and archive them, be that for “quality and coaching purposes” or accountability and legal protection.

Voice Mailboxes

Each extension on your system can be equipped with a voice mailbox. Voice messages can be retrieved from a handset, or they can be emailed, so your staff can retrieve their messages even when they’re away from their desks.

Flexible Extensions

Because our phone system run on your existing local area network, handsets can easily be moved from one desk to another without complex patching or reprogramming. In fact, we can configure handsets to work from home, interstate or even overseas via the internet.

Multiple Sites

Because we can set up extensions anywhere where there’s internet access, setting up a remote office is a breeze. And if you’re spread across multiple, larger locations, we can set up a VoIP system at each site and link them together, making calls between the sites free.

Internet VoIP Providers

Our VoIP systems can utilise old-school PSTN phone lines from any carrier (including Telstra, Optus, AAPT etc) or you we can move your existing numbers to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) for greater flexibility at a reduced cost. That means, as your business grows, you don’t need to add existing phone lines to your site – just add another virtual line to your VoIP system.

Studytech’s VoIP systems can save you money through lower setup costs and lower running costs.

Call us from your old phone system, and we’ll tell you how much better it could be.

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