Technology Advocacy

As technology becomes an increasing part of your business, there’s more and more technical stuff you need to get your head around. Suddenly you need to be conversant in services and systems that are far outside your core business.

Studytech will act as your technology advocate, interacting with vendors and service providers on your behalf, to protect your interests and your technology investment.

Service Providers

Sales representatives from internet, phone companies and other service providers frequently phone or drop in, suggesting that you upgrade your service package or switch from your current provider. The glossy brochure and 30 second pitch might look good, but they rarely tell the complete story.

Studytech knows the questions to ask, and we’ll help you determine whether the service they’re recommending is the right fit for your business. And if you decide to make a change, we’ll help manage the process so there’s minimal interruption to critical services during the transition.

If you’re think you’re ready to connect to the NBN… we can help.

Web Developers

So you’ve got a web developer who’s designing a flashy new web site for your business. That’s great, but how do know that the person or company with the artistic flair to create your site also has the technical knowledge to match.

Web developers will often want to move your web hosting to their servers, and adjust important DNS records on the internet to make that work. Without a broader understanding of your online presence, these changes could easily interrupt your email delivery, remote access to your office network, or the operation of your phone system.

Studytech will act as your liaison with web developers to make sure that your overall online presence is protected and to protect the technical side of things.

Software Customisation

Many industries have their own niche software, critical to their operation. We’ve seen countless examples, from pharmacy to sign writing to construction, and we know they’re not always as well written as you’d like them to be.

Sometimes you need a change made to how the software works, but you don’t know how to articulate that to a programmer.

We can help translate your needs into programmer-speak, and translate the programmer’s feedback into plain english, so that you get the outcome you need.

Social Media

Your online presence is so much more than your email and web site. Your business could appear on Google business listings, LinkedIn, Facebook and other places without your knowledge, and without any input from you. You could be getting customer reviews (both good and bad) without your knowledge, with current and future customers wondering why you haven’t responded.

It’s important to claim your business and identify yourself as the business owner, so that customer interactions with these platforms make their way back to you.

We can also help extend your social media interactions to make the most impact from the effort you put in, and streamline the process so you can confidently hand social media tasks to a staff member.

Social media platforms now control a large percentage of online advertising. Studytech can help you target your social media advertising so that it’s reaching an audience in your local service area.


Search engine optimisation is another important tool to make sure that customers searching for the services you offer find your business. As the most popular search engines now also compete for advertising revenue, they’re starting to prioritise paid ads over real search results, so it’s important that your business comes close to the top of a search.

Studytech can help you with SEO, to make sure people find you and the services you offer.


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