The NBN is nearly here!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had assessors, cablers, inspectors, testers and door-to-door sales people through your doors over the past few months, each one telling you that the NBN is coming!

It’s a big change which could potentially have huge benefits to your business, but like any change, it has to be properly managed to reduce the risks and negative impacts.

For instance, once the NBN is available in your area, you have around 18 months to make the switch. That means your old phone line(s), including your main contact number, fax and ADSL connection, will all be eventually cut off. It’s a transition that should be seamless, but far too often it isn’t.

Statistics show that one in four households are left without phone and internet during the NBN transition, sometimes for weeks. (IT News, 15 March 2018

That’s a long time to be cut off from your customers and suppliers.

The NBN may also require a new router or other equipment to connect your network or phone system to the new services.

We’ll help you to be ready, with the right equipment in place and the right services ordered so you’re good to go when the NBN comes to town. We can help manage the transition so that your existing services are protected and maintained until your NBN services are up and running.

The promised speed of the NBN also makes this a great time to review how your business uses technology now that cloud-hosted mail and calendar services, internet telephony, telecommuting/remote access and other online tools are more compelling and useful than ever.

Studytech can help your business take advantage of these new possibilities, to expand your business’s flexibility and save you money. It’s all part of our Technology Advocacy services.

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