Remote Management

Keeping an entire fleet of computers stable and consistent means patched, secured and up to date.
Studytech uses the LogicusLive technology to deliver updates and adjustments to your equipment over the internet, without the need for Active Directory, Group Policies or even a file or application server.

How does that work?

Every one of your managed computers keeps in touch with our central servers through a small, lightweight background service. This service maintains an accurate asset record of the device, including hardware information, installed software and patches. Each asset is added to one or more groups as required, based on hardware type, role and location.

Updates and changes are assigned to groups of computers through our central control panel, and when each computer next makes contact, it receives the required instructions.

Depending on the size and complexity of the update, it can be pre-delivered to a local server, or downloaded from our servers. Where there are multiple computers on one network receiving the same update, the first to receive it will cache the update, and inform the other computers that they don’t need to download it again, saving you internet bandwidth.

LogicusLive can deliver and apply changes based on system events, such as log-on, log off, boot up and shut down. Alternatively it can wait until the computer is idle, so there’s no impact on end users. This flexibility means that LogicusLive can deliver logon scripts, changes to the current user account, system-level changes, software installations, reboots and shut-downs at exactly the right time.

For more information on how LogicusLive has been managing computers in Australasia, Asia and Africa, give us a call.

Remote Monitoring

Studytech offers remote monitoring of your critical technology systems so that we can respond to issues as soon as they arise – often even before your users are aware of them. We keep track of the normal operation of equipment, and we’re alerted as soon as something changes.

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